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729 W. Michigan Ave.
Suite 200
Jackson, MI 49201

Phone: (877) 660-METV
(517) 789-6444
Fax: (517) 789-6809

Phone: (877) 433-6927
Fax: (313) 822-7980

Office Hours
8:30am - 5:00pm

Full time students are eligible for UP TO $2500
and part time students are eligible for UP TO $1250.

Michigan Education and Training Voucher

Begin Your Application On-Line!

Now the ETV application is even easier! There are two ways to begin the ETV application process. You can complete some of the paperwork online and then simply print them out and mail them in, or you can download paper copies, print them, and complete them by hand. Either way, beginning your ETV application can be just moments way.

Application Process | Application Status | Register Online

What are Education and Training Vouchers?

With the enactment of the Safe and Stable Families Act, H.R. 2873 - 10 section 201, the Federal Government has recently provided allocations to states. These vouchers may be provided to eligible youth to help fund their post-secondary educational and training endeavors. Funds from this source are called Education and Training Vouchers (ETV).

Youth eligible for this funding opportunity must meet Michigan’s Youth in Transition (YIT) fund eligibility requirements. Youth who were adopted on or after their 16th birthday are also eligible. Funds from this source are available to youth until their 23rd birthday as long as all eligibility requirements continue to be met.

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